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Mutant City Blues Competition Winner

At last, the results of the Mutant City Blues competition. It was a big success for us, and we will be doing more competitions.

Of the 36 contestants, six correctly identified the killer, Eryssa Henry. No one got everything right — but no HCIU officer’s initial take on the case turns out to be 100% on the money, either.

The contest winner is Michael Ostrokol, whose reconstruction of the killing and the mutant powers used to commit it was correct—albeit with one power use too many. Eryssa has the powers Concussion Beam, Light Control, and Invisibility; Michael guessed those powers correctly but then added Illusion and Alter Form for good measure. He wins the contest even though he then makes one leap too many by concluding that Eryssa is actually Karen Das. There’s also a bit of confusion in his answer between Betsy (who is in the sauna when the killing occurs and does have the Alter Form ability) and Eryssa. Even with these incorrect elements, Michael’s answer comes closest to our secret description of the crime.

Other contestants were closer to the truth on Eryssa’s motive for the killings without getting the modus operandi and list of powers used.

Michael wasn’t the only contestant to add Impersonate and Alter Form to the mix: Kyle Miller made the opposite leap, concluding that the Karen Das who appeared on a previous season of Stir Crazy was really Eryssa.

Honorable mention for creativity above and beyond the call of duty goes to Patricia Kassiday, who submitted her answer in the form of an in-character document admitting to the crime.

So the prizes, which will be distributed in a couple of weeks' time, when the new Pelgrane Press store is up and running.
Michael Ostrokol

Runners Up ($30 vouchers)
Patricia Kassiday
Lyndsey Anderson
Chris Harnish
Kyle Miller

Winner of the draw for a free MCB
James Newman

The victim (producer Benj Sheldon) was killed by contestant Eryssa Henry. Her motivation: revenge for the suicide of her best friend, Karen Das. Karen committed suicide after a humiliating appearance in an earlier season of the show. Eryssa blames Sheldon for manipulating her fragile friend into joining the cast of the show, even though he was aware, or should have been aware, of her past history of severe depression.

Eryssa’s mutant powers are Concussion Beam, Light Control, and Invisibility. She used Invisibility to lie in wait for Sheldon in the store room, Light Control to plunge the room into darkness (so the cameras could not record it) and Concussion Beam to shear off a heavy light from the grid overhead. The light fell on Sheldon, killing him.

Eryssa waited, hoping that Sheldon’s head injury would cause him to bleed copiously, which it did. Still invisible, exited the room wearing a pair of sneakers stolen from her least liked fellow contestant, Michael Hayes, taking care to step in the blood. As she went she ended her light control. After half-assedly wiping the blood from the sole of the sneaker, she invisibly hid them in an equipment trunk in a blind spot not covered by the set’s cameras.

On an incidental note, the powers of the other Stir Crazy contestants are:

Michael Hayes: fire control, radiation immunity, regeneration, toxin immunity
Joy Huerta: force field, telekinesis; defect: stage-one autism
Betsy Kelman: alter form, impersonate
Megan Miller: ice blast, phase, reduce temperature, touch
Jarrod Udy: endorphin control (others), sexual chemistry
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