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City Designer 3 released - Simon J Rogers
ProFantasy Software and Pelgrane Press blog

Date: 2008-09-12 12:54
Subject: City Designer 3 released
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We've released City Designer 3.

We've sent out the emails to our existing customers, giving them details of upgrade options, and it's been a very smooth launch so far.

There are two ways of adding buildings in CD3; the first using symbols created by artists and the second using our building creation tool. The building tool gives a choice of styles; styles which match the symbols, but getting a close match was tricky. We delayed release for a week or so to make sure we had all the styles properly matching, and this involved setting up seamless tiles and adding effects to get things right.

Here's a section of map which beta-tester Grimur Fjelsted of Mapventures. created last night in about four hours in the style created by Sean MacDonald. The effects are pretty much the default settings for CD3. Note shadow directions match the roof shading on the houses.

Here is a close up section:

And a super close-up section:

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