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They'll get you eventually...

I've been looking through the Call of Cthulhu survey data.

The following fault lines are developing in the data - we have over 450 responses now.

  • A number make reference to system in language developed at the Forge. Others beg that we don't do create something informed by the Forge.
  • We have the Pulp vs Anti-Pulp lobby
  • There are the SAN death spiral supporters vs those who support greater mental stability for characters
  • There are those who think that non-canon play is because of bad players or GMs, and those who think it's a system problem
  • Some dislike non-Lovecraft Mythos, vs those who do like it.
  • A group are fed up with bashing evil cultists, others love the smell of flamethrower before breakfast.
  • Lots of Germans play CoC.

Other trends
  • Most people value simplicity in a rule set much more than anything else.
  • 20% said Masks of Nyarlathotep was their favourite adventure, 10% Mountains of Madness.
  • Even those who supported pulp gaming didn't want the characters overpowered.

One comment however stands out:

"Every game I run ends up being CoC in the end."

That is a GM I would like to play with.

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