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GUMSHOE Space and Character Creation

Over here, robin_d_laws talks about the character creation process in general, and GUMSHOE space in particular. I've just one thing to add, and that is, the most essential part of character generation, and where the GM should use the firmest hand, is character buy-in to the game (and the specific adventure's premise.) So many problems arise in gaming because "that's what my guy would do" isn't what helps the game. The system can provide buy-in, for example Drives in Trail of Cthulhu, or it can be a simple statement in answer to the question's premise. It puts the onus on the players to devise characters whose desires fit the game's premise. It's much easier, if necessary, to call a player on this behaviour if they've explicitly bought into the game.

Some example questions might be:

Why do you want to serve on a crew doing contract work for the Combine?
Why do you attempt to fulfil those missions to the best of your ability?
Why do you want to cooperate with the other members of your crew?

Unfortunately, for some players, the default question ought to be"Why isn't your character an amoral homicidal manaic bent on random destruction?"
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