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The Esoterror Fact Book

The Esoterror Fact Book is available as a PDF and print version from the Pelgrane Press Store and Indie Press Revolution. You can also get a PDF from

The Outer Dark Is Coming...

Only the Facts Can Save You...

And The Facts Must Be Suppressed!

Ripped from the secret files of the Ordo Veritatis, the the Esoterror Fact
briefs you on what you need to send players into intrigue-filled
confrontation with forces of international terror bent on supernatural
This 152-page player-friendly sourcebook for The Esoterrorists lays
out the facts GMs and players have been clamoring for:

  • Study the Operations Manual to master the procedures and protocols of the Ordo Veritatis, from
    recruitment to the veil-out.
  • Examine Station Duty to
    get support for fixed-location campaigns in the world of Esoterror – it's not
    just the OV facing the entities of the outer dark, it's your friends and
  • When monster hunting gets too hairy for ordinary investigators, call in
    the Special Suppression Forces to sweep ‘em up. Pulse-pounding and reeking of cordite, this
    section includes both background material and optional crunchier combat rules
    for paramilitary GUMSHOE play.
  • The Enemy rushes the  freshest knowledge on the Esoterrorists into your players’ hands. Learn the
    latest on suspected Esoterror cells, their personality types, financing and
  • Unaffiliated Operatives profiles nine figures in the world of supernatural ops whose twisting
    allegiances may make them your untrustworthy friends—or troublesome
    adversaries who play outside the usual rules.
  • Dread Locations explores
    eleven haunted places where the membrane between this world and the Outer Dark
    has grown terrifyingly thin.
  • Hone your GUMSHOE skills with a quick dispatch of the latest GM
    . Astute players, take note—this section can help you sharpen your
    game, too!

Covering everything from the membrane to magic, from electronic surveillance to evidence collection, the Fact Book is
the Ordo Veritatis bible.

Read it before the Esoterrorists do!

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