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Dragonmeet 2006

Dragonmeet 2006 was a great success both in itself and for ProFantasy and Pelgrane. Well done,  angusabranson

gbsteve ran demos of Esoterrorists in half-hour chunks. It's pretty hard to run a demo of an investigative game in 30 minutes, but he did a good job. All the playtests were full, and we sold out of Esoterrorists, as well as a decent chunk of the Rhialto book. Pelgrane had its best year. Sasha and his family helped on the stand, and Mission: Ineffable guys sold through all of the playtest copies we produced. They also helped shift some Esoterrorists, too.

ProFantasy also had its best ever Dragonmeet year, with uthoroc and Steff on the stand. We were pleased to see new faces, as well as long-standing loyal customers. I'm waiting for feedback on Dungeon Designer 3 from those customers.

The Dragonmeet charity auction raised £1600, and a big chunk of that was the poisoned chalice passed to Angus - a John Kovalic cartoon with him featured, signed by John! This was organised at the last minute by the auctioneers direct with John. Angus could hardly fail to bid for it, and I commend him on his generosity. The GUMSHOE Horror manuscript went for £100 - thanks, Brian.

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